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This blog covers a wide range of basketball card articles; highlighting affordable cards, million dollar basketball cards, interesting basketball card sets, interviews with collectors, and more. Our aim is to deliver interesting articles highlighting price trends with a bit of commentary on the side. Ultimately we just want to share insights with collectors and spread our love for the hobby.

We also love giving new or aspiring bloggers a platform by incorporating guest posts, so if you are a collector with a great hot take or a new writer with a passion for basketball cards, please reach out.

Quality basketball cards, like your Jordans, Birds, and Lebrons, will be hotter than Tesla over the next five to ten years… and I’m long Tesla!

– Unknown
Latest Posts

How many Michael Jordan Error Cards are there?

The short answer to this question is there are at least three Michael Jordan error cards. If you want to know what they are, how they happened, and how much they sell for, please check out this post.

Basketball Card Collector Interview with Elite Collections

Each new interview brings new insights and new perspectives. I recently had the awesome opportunity to connect with an individual new to the hobby, and learned that a random Southern Oregon garage sale (and an unbelievable card pickup) was what got him hooked. And as the name suggests, he does have some elite cards in […]

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting and Storing Your (Basketball) Cards

This past year was a huge year for basketball card collecting, and its really exciting to see so many people getting back into the hobby or starting out their card collecting journey. Its important to remember that proper protection and storage is extremely important when collecting basketball cards (or any cards for that matter), and […]


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