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This website is dedicated to those who got the itch to collect basketball cards and never got over it. The blog covers a wide range of basketball cards; highlighting affordable cards, six-figure cards, and a good bit in between. Our aim is to create interesting articles highlighting price trends and whatever other crazy idea we come up with. Ultimately our goal is to deliver content that helps collectors young and old discover something new or interesting about the hobby.

We also love to incorporate guest posts, so if your a collector with a great hot take or a new writer with a passion for basketball cards, please reach out to us!

Quality basketball cards, like your Jordans, Birds, and Lebrons, will be hotter than Tesla over the next five to ten years… and I’m long Tesla!

– Unknown
Latest Posts

The Dream Team 3-Card Skybox Set

Back in the day, I used to not only collect basketball cards but also a few X-Men cards as well (yep, I was kind of a nerdy kid). One of the cooler aspects of the X-Men cards were the different scenes you could assemble from 9-card sets. Keeping the X-Men cards in a binder allowed […]

Blockchain + Basketball = NBA Top Shot

I’m getting a little out of my comfort zone here, but I figured I’d take a look at NBA Top Shot since it may be the newest and most technically advanced form of basketball ‘moment’ collecting. I can’t say its a direct comparison to basketball card collecting, but it has elements of card collecting and […]

1997-98 Topps Rock Stars

Checking out some of the top selling cards from the unique 1997-98 Topps Rock Star set – one of the earlier sets to feature a refractor parallel.

Collectors Take Collective Yawn with GA’s Decision to Stay

Just over 1 month ago (12.15), the announcement came that Giannis Antetokounmpo signed a ‘supermax’ 5-year contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, and I figured since his rookie cards have seen some crazy swings this year, why not revisit them one more time to see how collectors are responding to the news. People generally don’t […]


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