Basketball card

Beam Team Power Couple

One of the card sets that first got me hyped up about basketball card collecting was the 1992-93 Stadium Club Beam Team set, numbered from 1-21. The two best cards in the set were cards #1 and #21, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neil, respectively.

The Shaq card is technically his rookie card, and it appears to capture Shaq playing stellar defense and possibly about to swat a shot into the first row of the stands. The photo of Shaq also perfectly captures his jersey number and the tapering of the border works very well with the photo.

The Jordan card is one of my all time favorite cards of MJ and features a fantastic shot of Jordan going up for a 1-handed dunk with an awesome image of the iconic #23 jersey number is in full view. All the beam team cards feature a very 90’s style foil border that tapers off as it moves up the card and is a fantastic way to frame the player while adding some sizzle to the steak.

Both cards have seen a strong uptick in popularity just in 2020 alone. It wasn’t uncommon to be able to purchase each card for $75-$100 back in 2019, but now the ungraded versions of each card typically sell on Ebay for $130+. These are beautiful cards that could continue to see strong appreciation in years to come.

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