Basketball card

Metal Jordan

The SkyBox Metal Universe cards were some of my all-time favorite cards to collect as a kid.  I honestly couldn’t spend money on them fast enough.  I’ve even spent a bit as an adult acquiring a parallel or two that I was never lucky enough to pull from a pack (but the wife doesn’t need to know that bit).  The 1997-98 Metal Universe set had some of the coolest looking base cards around, featuring players dunking a flaming basketball while flying through space (both MJ & Penny feature this design), dribbling planet earth (Iverson), or dishing the rock with the Death Star looming in the background (Kobe).  These cards were exciting to collect as a kid and they still bring a smile to my face today.

1997-98 Kobe Bryant SkyBox Metal Universe #81

The most treasured base card in the set for many is card #23, aptly featuring Michael Jordan.  It features MJ going up for a dunk in space wearing the traditional white home jersey.  As a kid, what drew me to this card was that it just made sense.  Space Jam had been out for about a year at this point, so why wouldn’t Jordan be flying through space with a flaming basketball?  The flaming ball still makes me think of NBA Jam, the classic game for the Sega Genesis that my buddies and I spent countless hours playing (anyone else remember the code to unlock Bill Clinton?).   

In my mind, having a base card in this set is the closest most of us will ever come to owning one of most sought-after Jordan cards of all time, the PMG23.  The reason I feel this way, and one of my main reasons for loving the Jordan base card #23, is because the photo used on the base card is the exact same image used for the incredibly rare and wildly expensive Precious Metal Gems (PMG) cards, which are serial numbered to 100.  The PMG cards come in two forms, the first 10 feature Jordan (or any player for that matter) over an emerald green foil backdrop while cards 11-100 feature Jordan over a ruby red foil backdrop.  These exceptionally rare PMG23’s rarely come up at auction, but when they do, they always go to a top six-figure bidder.

1997-98 Michael Jordan Metal Universe Ruby Precious Metal Gems #23

However, for us normal folk, we can get the foil-free base card in good condition for around $60-80 on Ebay.  This even feels a bit high because I remember looking at this card prior to The Last Dance debuting, and I think it was selling for around $50, which gives me one more indication that Jordan cards, even base cards, and the card industry in general may be experiencing a comeback.  Anyway, even if you aren’t looking to make this card an investment piece, its still a really cool and interesting card and will fit well into anyone’s basketball collection. 

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