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1998 Fleer Electrifying: Cards 6-10

Cards 6-10 from the 1998 refractor-like Fleer Electrifying set, featuring Jordan, Marbury, and Rodman.

Picking up right where I left off from my post back in September (I know… I’ve been slacking) where I covered cards 1-5. With this post, I’m only going to cover the last five cards in the 10-card Fleer Electrifying set. The remaining five players in this set are: Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Stephon Marbury, Gary Payton, and Dennis Rodman.

Michael Jordan (#6)

The best, most expensive, most graded, and most sought after by collectors in this set is the Michael Jordan card, card six in the set. They decided to choose an image of Jordan in the black bulls uniform and it looks stunning given contrast against the sparkling golden refractor-like background.

While many other cards in this set focus on a player dunking the ball, the Jordan card instead focuses on Jordan about to release a shot. Perhaps a dunking Jordan card would have made this Jordan card even better (since you can never have too many images of Jordan dunking), but the shooting Jordan Electrifying card still looks pretty great.

1998 Fleer Tradition Electrifying Michael Jordan #6
1998 Fleer Tradition Electrifying Michael Jordan #6

There are 174 graded copies of this card, with 62 of those receiving a perfect PSA 10 grade, 71 receiving a PSA 9 grade, and the remaining 41 receiving a PSA grade of 8 or below.

The graded copies of this card are fairly expensive, and once you start looking into the PSA 9s and 10s, if you’re serious about owning this card be prepared to shell out at least $1,000. The most recent sale of a PSA 9 came in at $1,483 on December 14, 2020. And every PSA 9 has sold for over $1,000 going back to July, 2020.

The PSA 10s are typically selling for 2.5x – 3x the PSA 9s, and the most recent PSA 10 sold on October 2, 2020 for $3,250. Interesting to note, the PSA 10s selling in October 2019 were going for between $1,050 and $1,175, which means this card has roughly tripled in the past year. It’s unlikely that trend will continue going forward, but it’s nice to see a strong return on this top graded Jordan Electrifying card.

March 2021 Update: I have been watching an ungraded Jordan Electrifying card on eBay now continue to creep up in price. It has a day left of bidding but sits at $1500. Seeing this huge spike in the ungraded price prompted me to check PSA for the most recent PSA 10 sales. This card has been a big hit since when I first drafted up this post.

In January, 2021 a PSA 10 Jordan sold for $10K even! The only other PSA 10 sale in 2021 occurred in Feb and this card sold for $8100. I’m expecting the top graded copies of this card to hover around the $10K mark for the rest of 2021 and perhaps inch a bit higher if the market continues its unbelievable run.

Shawn Kemp (#7)

After Jordan comes Shawn Kemp, with one of the least expensive and least graded cards in the set. If you’re like me, you only think of Kemp wearing a Seattle Supersonics jersey, but in 1998 Kemp was playing for Cleveland and as such, this card features Kemp in a blue and black Cavs jersey. The picture is only okay, it features Kemp dribbling the ball with his left hand and I can honestly say I’ve never seen that Cleveland Cavs jersey before and am not a fan of the look.

1998 Fleer Tradition Electrifying Shawn Kemp #7

PSA doesn’t have much data for the Kemp card. There are only 7 graded copies, 2 PSA 10s and the other 5 are PSA 9s. There is also only one sales transaction captured on PSA’s website, and it was the sale of a PSA 10 which sold back in June, 2017 for $50.

If we switch gears and look at eBay prices for this card, we see that ungraded copies of this card have buy it now prices in a pretty wide range, with an asking price of $65 on the low end to $130 on the high end. If you like this card, grab that $65 listing (found here) because the card prices on eBay jump from the two current cards being prices at or under $70 to four cards priced at or over $85.

Stephon Marbury (#8)

Much like the Kemp card, there doesn’t seem to be high demand for Stephon Marbury. I was also never a big fan of Marbury on the court, but I do love that he created his own affordable sneaker brand (Starbury) and I’d love to see other basketball players and athletes in general follow suit.

I’m not wild about the overall look for this card. For one, its not a great facial expression of Marbury’s face. Also, I really don’t like the green lettering for “Electrifying”. The red lettering looks great, but with green there isn’t enough contrast between the green and gold. All in all, this and the Kemp card are probably my two least favorite in this set.

1998 Fleer Tradition Electrifying Stephon Marbury #8

There also isn’t much PSA data on the Marbury card. There are only seven graded cards in total, 3 PSA 10s, 3 PSA 9s, and the remaining card is a PSA 8. As you can surely guess, there also isn’t much in terms of sales history on the PSA site. They have record of four PSA 10 sales transactions, and going back to 2017, all four of those cards went for between $14 and $22.

Also on eBay, there Marbury cards were also pretty cheap. I only saw three on sale, but those were selling in a fairly tight range of $40 to $50. All also were Buy It Now asking prices.

Gary Payton (#9)

The second to last card in this set is Gary Payton, aka The Glove. I was always luke warm on Payton growing up. You may recall at one point he was a Celtic for a season, but it was at the end of his career and his stats were nothing to get excited about (averaging 11 points, 6 assist, and 3 boards per game).

1998 Fleer Tradition Electrifying Gary Payton #9

Overall, I think the Payton card looks decent. Not the best I’ve seen in the set but not the worst. The image features Payton bringing up the ball and looking to his left, and the lettering for both his name and the word “Electrifying” are in red, which is clearly the right color combo with the gold background (as I’ve now said countless times).

There is limited PSA PSA population and price data for the Payton card. There are only nine graded cards in total, 3 PSA 10s, 3 PSA 9s, 2 PSA 8s, and one PSA 7. There have been three PSA 10’s sold, two in June 2017 and one in June 2019, and all 3 have sold between $40 – $50. The most recent price was $40 on June 6, 2019. I’d expect the value to have roughly doubled by now and still wouldn’t be surprised to see this card sell for north of $100, but probably not much higher than that.

Dennis Rodman (#10)

Last on the list but certainly not last in the headlines is Dennis Rodman. Rodman, who is certainly one of the more controversial players ever to step foot on the NBA hardwood, continues to make headlines today after being a key figure in The Last Dance, for his unlikely friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and for the recent party boy parallels comparing James Harden to Rodman.

This card has a few of the visually pleasing elements I’ve talked about before, with the red lettering and a good but not great image of Rodman. I wish they had followed suit with the Jordan card and captured Rodman in a black jersey, because the black looks so much better against the gold, but its still a decent looking card in this 10-card set.

1998 Fleer Tradition Electrifying Dennis Rodman #10

You’d think, or at least I did think, there would be more graded Rodman cards, but there are only 16 listed on PSA, which puts the Rodman card right in the middle of the pack. Somehow more people sent their Grant Hill cards in (19) than their Rodman cards. Maybe this will change though. Of the 16 graded Rodman cards, 8 are PSA 10s, 6 are PSA 9s, and the remaining 2 are both PSA 8s.

The price history for the PSA 10 shows a slightly upward trend in 2017 and 2018, with a nice pop in 2020. The 10s back in 2017 and 2018 were selling for $45 – $90, and the only PSA 10 that sold in 2020 sold on July 1st for $312, which puts the Rodman card neck in neck with the Iverson PSA 10, which recently sold for $325 back in October.

Closing Thoughts

I love this set and you have two of the all-time greats featured in this set. I’m going to strongly go after the Kobe card and maybe look to add the KG card to my collection as well. This card glistens like a refractor and at times is called a refractor on eBay, but technically is only refractor-like. Even still, it looks amazing in person and the total population for all graded cards on PSA is under 400, so prices should continue a steady march higher.

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