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1986 Fleer Johnny Moore

Basketball card collectors that focus on vintage cards or completing sets from the 1980s know all too well that one of the hardest PSA 10 cards to add to the 1986 Fleer collection is card #76 featuring Johnny Moore. However, if you weren’t a San Antonio Spurs fan in the 1980s, it is very unlikely you’ve ever even heard of Johnny Moore.

I certainly hadn’t until I started to research the 1986 Fleer set, the set known for having some of the best and most iconic basketball rookie cards, including rookies of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and many other Hall of Famers.

I’ve written about the 1986 Fleer set a few times now, and if you’re interested in seeing the 1986 Fleer winners and losers in 2020, I encourage you to check out my other posts.

However, today I’m going to be looking at top graded Moore card, and do a little research on Johnny Moore’s basketball career as well as looking at the prices for his ungraded and top graded 1986 fleer card.

Who is Johnny Moore?

Johnny Moore was the starting point guard for the San Antonio Spurs from 1980-1990. He was a 2nd round pick (43rd overall) in the 1979 NBA draft class. He is one of only ten players to wear the double zero “00” jersey number, and his jersey was retired by the Spurs.

San Antonio Spurs retired jerseys, featuring Paul Silas, George Gervin, Johnny Moore, David Robinson, and Sean Elliott
Spurs retired jerseys, featuring Silas, Gervin, Moore, Robinson, and Elliott

Over the course of Moore’s 520 game professional career, he averaged 9.4 points, 7.4 assists, 3.0 rebounds and 2.0 steals per game. Moore led the league in assists in the 1981-82 season, when he averaged 9.6 assists per game. Most notably, Moore is one of only seven players to record 20+ assists in a playoff game.

San Antonio Spurs: 15 greatest defenders in franchise ...
Moore defending Bird

Moore’s 20 assist playoff game was game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinal, helping the Spurs take a 2-0 lead over the Denver Nuggets. Moore also went 13 for 24 (54%) from the field for 26 points that night and added five rebounds to his stat sheet. Moore was certainly an offensive threat with a fantastic ability to create plays and dish the ball to players in positions to score.

Moore wasn’t just a great point guard on offense, but was also known for his strong defensive prowess. Moore had two games of 9 or more steals and is one of only fifty NBA players to record 9+ steals in a game.

To get a sense of Moore’s game, check out this 5-minute Moore highlight clip during game 4 of the 1983 Western Conference Finals with the Spurs squaring off against an incredibly strong Lakers team. Moore had a great night, dropping 21 points, 17 assists, and 3 steals against the Magic and Kareem-led Lakers.

Moore drives on Magic

The 1986 Fleer Johnny Moore card (#76)

The top graded PSA 10 Johnny Moore Fleer card sells in the $15K – $20 range. Yes, you read that correctly. The top graded card is the second most expensive Gem Mint card in the set (behind Jordan of course). It is the second most rare top graded cards in the set, with only 65 PSA 10s listed on the PSA website. The Fleer card features a great image of Moore dribbling the ball, and interestingly enough, I believe it is the exact same image used for his 1986 Star card (#149).

1986 Fleer Johnny Moore (#76)

The rarest PSA 10 card from the 1986 Fleer set is the Jeff Malone card, with only 63 PSA 10 cards listed (2 fewer than Moore) on the PSA site so perhaps Malone’s value will catch up to Moore in the not too distant future.

The value of the ’86 Fleer Moore card falls off a cliff once you get into the lower grades. The PSA 9s only sell in the $200-$300 range, and the PSA 8s go for around $25-$50. Unless you have a near perfect Moore card, it just isn’t worth it to send it in to be graded.

Moore cards are easy to come by on eBay and can usually be purchased below $20 (like this one for $11 on eBay). Of course, many die hard collectors know the value of this top rated card, so cards in near perfect condition can get pricey. But if you’re lucky enough to spot one at a decent price in the wild, it could be well worth the price if it turns out to be a GEM Mint 10.

If you love the 1986 Fleer set and want to own a cool card featuring the 2nd most valuable (top graded) player in the set, I highly recommend adding Moore to your collection. I have three or four of his ungraded cards in my collection and would love to get my hands on a Gem Mint slab once this blog takes off and starts printing money!

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