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Best 2007-08 Topps Chrome Refractors

The 2007-08 Topps Chrome set has quickly become one of my favorites, and I’m focusing most of my time and free cash on trying to find great deals on eBay. There are a ton of beautiful base cards in this set with fantastic looking refractors. This set is perhaps most known for the Kevin Durant rookie card, but there are more than a dozen refractor cards that I’m following closely featuring some of the NBA’s best, including retired legends like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Below I’ll outline a bunch of player’s Topps Chrome refractor cards which were serial numbered to 999. I’ll highlight what the ungraded cards have been going for on eBay as well as grab the prices for the PSA 9s and PSA 10s. I’ll also try and highlight some of the prices for the rarer refractors, like the orange refractor (/199), white refractor (/99), black x-fractor (/50), and more.

Dwyane Wade (#3)

One of the things I love about this Topps Chrome set is they did a great job lining up player jersey numbers with the card numbers. Amar’e Stoudemire has card #1, Joe Johnson has card #2, and Dwyane Wade, one of my all time favorite players, has card #3. Being a bit of a numberphile myself, I love when jersey numbers and card numbers align. In fact, that was one of the many things I mentioned appreciating in my post about the base Michael Jordan card from the 1997-98 Metal Universe set.

But getting back to the Wade Topps Chrome refractor (as seen below), this is a fantastic image of Wade captured mid-dunk against the Lakers. Its an awesome shot and you get a nice full court view of the Staples Center in the background. And for the Kobe fanatics out there, this card gives you a glimpse of Kobe in the bottom left corner of the card. The basketball net obscures Kobe’s jersey number a bit, but no doubt that’s Kobe.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Dwyane Wade Refractor /999 (#3) - featuring Kobe Bryant in the bottom left corner
2007-08 Topps Chrome Dwyane Wade Refractor /999 (#3)

Man, that is just a beautiful refractor card! The ungraded copies of this Wade refractor sell on eBay in the $100 to $200 range. Right now, there are a few Buy It Now options for this card, with the lowest priced at $110 (or best offer), and a few priced at $200 (including this beautifully photographed copy).

The most recent sale of a PSA 9 sold on January 4th, 2021 for $94. On January 8th a PSA 10 sold for $360. There was one PSA 9 Wade white refractor (/99) that sold back on June 17th, 2020 for $122. The was also a PSA 9 black x-fractor (/50) card that sold on December 15th, 2020 for $550.

I get the feeling that the new entrants in the hobby are currently too focused on current players and the various prizm cards available for these guys and are leaving players like Wade in a blind spot. However, Miami is a hot market for basketball card collectors and I think Wade cards, like this one, will continue to appreciate. I’m keeping a lookout for all his refractor cards from this awesome Topps Chrome set.

Kevin Garnett (#20)

The 2007-08 Topps Chrome set also sticks out to me for having some fantastic horizontal layouts, with the Kevin Garnett card being the first horizontal card I’m highlighting in this post. As far as horizontal cards go, this one isn’t even all that great, in fact I think this card would look better if it had the traditional vertical layout, but I’ll stop nit picking.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Garnett Refractor /999 (#20)

I’ve never been a huge fan of KG, but this card from this set has extra meaning for me as a Celtics fan, since it was Garnett’s first season with the Celtics and he helped the Celtics win their 18th championship that year. Garnett was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020, along with Kobe Bryant.

There are not many ungraded copies of the Garnett refractor selling on eBay at the moment. In fact, I was only able to find one selling for a Buy It Now (or best offer) price of $85. There was also little available on the PSA website.

The most recent sale for a PSA 9 Garnett refractor sold on December 19, 2018 for $12. However, there have been a few recent PSA 10 white refractor (/99) sales. A PSA 10 white refractor sold on October 29th, 2020 for $470. Less than four months later the card had more than doubled in value and a PSA 10 white refractor sold on February 22nd, 2021 for $1,100. Looks like there are at least a few other collectors out there that have fallen in love with the 2007-08 Topps Chrome refractors.

Tim Duncan (#21)

The Tim Duncan card from this set is one of my favorites, and is the only card I currently own. The Duncan card is a great horizontal card, and it gives collectors a unique view of what its like for a professional basketball player to take a foul shot with the balloon-waving opposing fans in the background. I love it when big guys can hit free throws, and perhaps my only qualm with Duncan was his career 69.6% free throw shooting.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan Refractor /999 (#21) - A great look at Duncan shooting a foul shot
2007-08 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan Refractor /999 (#21)

There are only a two of the Duncan chrome cards available on eBay, with one selling for $110 and the other selling for $225. There is also an orange refractor available now with the condition listed as “good” that has a minimum bid of $130 and the auction expires on March 14th (pi day).

There is surprisingly little data available on the PSA website for Duncan refractors. The only sales I’m seeing are a few PSA 9 orange refractors. One PSA 9 orange refractor sale took place on February 17, 2020 and sold for just $33. Then in December of 2020, a PSA 9 orange refractor sold for $73.

Tim Duncan is one of the players in the hobby that I always feel is under appreciated and under valued, but I believe collectors will come around and the value of Duncan cards will climb. One reason Duncan gets less love from collectors has something to do with his lack of flash.

In fact, on the back of this card is a quote from Bill Walton on Tim Duncan that sums this up quite nicely. Walton says Duncan “represents the ultimate conquest of substance over style”. So true, and the more collectors value substance over style, the more Duncan cards will benefit.

Lebron James (#23)

The Lebron James card in this set is a stunner. Its an incredible image of Lebron going up for a reverse dunk and as far as images of Lebron go, you can’t do too much better than this card. Outside of the Durant rookie, this is perhaps the most sought after card in this set, and the Lebron refractor cards have continued to climb in value over the past few months.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Lebron James Refractor /999 (#23)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Lebron James Refractor /999 (#23)

Since this is on of the hottest cards in this set, there are few ungraded copies available on eBay. In fact, I only came across one ungraded refractor that was bid up to $206 with an auction close date of March 16th.

The PSA 9 copies of this card have been selling in the $2,800 – $4,500 range though February, 2021. The last PSA 10 refractor sale occurred in June 2018 and sold for only $1,225. I’m sure that buyer is happy with the way this card has been trending, because I’m sure that card now sells for at least $25K.

There was also one PSA 9 orange refractor listed on the PSA site that sold back on November 16th 2020 for $2,150. There is also a PSA 9 orange refractor currently listed on eBay that has been bid up to $1,525 and the auction closes on March 14th. It will be interesting to see what the final winning bid is for that card. My guess would be in the $10K-$15K range.

Kobe Bryant (#24)

The Kobe Bryant Topps Chrome card is a really amazing horizontal shot of Kobe mid-flight as he’s about to finish at the rim or possibly kiss the ball off the glass for a reverse layup. Its an incredible image, as he is surrounded by Blazers players and the angle of the shot points from the ground up, so you get a neat look at the bottom of the Lakers jumbotron in the Staples Center.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant Refractor /999 (#24)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant Refractor /999 (#24)

There are a few ungraded copies of this card currently available on eBay but they are pricey! There is one live eBay auction that closes on March 9th that already has 36 bids and is bid up to $500. There are also a few cards listed with Buy It Now prices in the $3,500 to $4,000 range, including this ungraded Kobe refractor with a Buy It Now price of $3,800.

There is also an ungraded white refractor card (found here) with a Buy It Now asking price of $18,500. This card is serial numbered 79/99 and looks to be in great condition. The seller is also open to offers, so if you love Kobe and have that kind of cash, you should be able to come in at least 10-20% below what the seller is asking. (Pro Tip: Never pay asking price if they have the Best Offer option available.)

The PSA 9 prices for this card are a few months old, with the most recent PSA 9 Kobe refractor selling on November 18th, 2020 for just under $700. There was also only one PSA 10 sale in 2020 and that card sold in May for $1,200. What a steal, given how hot these cards are currently.

For the PSA 9 orange refractor, there was one sale in August that went for $1,136. Almost exactly two months earlier, a PSA 9 orange Kobe refractor went for under $500, so these Kobe refractors are popping like crazy.

Last but not least, there is a bit of data on the PSA site for the Black Mamba black x-fractor card. A PSA 10 sold on January 22nd, 2020 for just $2,025. This sale took place only days before Kobe’s tragic passing.

Paul Pierce (#34)

As a born and bred Celtics fan, Paul Pierce is among my all time favorite players. As a Pierce fan, I wish they’d chosen a better image for this card (either a shot of Pierce shooting or taking it to the rim). Still, its not a bad looking card, and if he were being guarded by Kobe or Lebron, this card would be worth far more.

What I do like about this image is that it is really how I picture Pierce, backing someone down a bit only to spin on them for a fade away, or spin on them for an up fake to draw the foul. He wasn’t the most athletic player, but he was crafty.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Paul Pierce Refractor /999 (#34)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Paul Pierce Refractor /999 (#34)

Since Pierce is unquestionable a star, but perhaps not a super star, his refractor cards are relatively inexpensive on eBay. There is only one ungraded refractor listed by COMC with a Buy It Now price of $45. Even as a Pierce fan, I wouldn’t go that high for this card. There is also an orange refractor (140/199) that is up for auction with a starting bid of $50. If you like this card, it makes much more sense to go for the orange refractor for just a few dollars more. It may not last though, because eBay reports it is getting 8 views per hour.

There is very little PSA data available for the Pierce refractor. The most recent PSA 9 sale took place on February 1st, 2021 and went for $34. There was also a PSA 10 that sold in September 2020 for $59.

I feel like this will be an iconic set and my bias for Pierce probably makes me a bit over confident in terms of how relevant he is with collectors, but since Boston is also a crazy sports market, I think his cards will appreciate, but certainly not at the same level as a Kobe or Lebron card. Seeing the PSA sales also makes me question the ungraded card prices listed on eBay. I may try and grab that ungraded orange refractor for around $50, but don’t think I’d go much over $60 or so for that card.

Dirk Nowitzki (#41)

The Dirk Nowitzki chrome refractor is a nice looking card showing Dirk driving to the hoop. It looks odd that both the Kings and the Mavs were wearing white jerseys, but the image of Dirk is pretty decent.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Dirk Nowitzki Refractor /999 (#41)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Dirk Nowitzki Refractor /999 (#41)

At the moment, I’m only seeing one Dirk Nowitzki refractor card listed on eBay by COMC, and it has a Buy It Now price of $74. There is also an orange refractor up for auction that will end on March 7th, and it has currently been bid up to $163. I’d expect that card to clear $200, perhaps even $250.

There isn’t much Nowitzki price data on the PSA site, and what is there is about six months old. However, I can report there was a PSA 9 sale of the regular refractor on August 25, 2020 for $103. There was also a PSA 10 sale on August 7th for $160. Interestingly enough, there is also a PSA 10 refractor listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $1,395.

Spud Webb (#81)

My short guy in the NBA bias is shining through here, but I’ve always loved Spud Webb. As corny as this sounds, I think its inspiring seeing a 5’7″ guy not only playing in the NBA, but playing above the rim. His 1986 Fleer rookie card is one of my favorites in that set, and his 2007-08 Topps Chrome card is one of my favorites in this set.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I’m also a Muggsy Bogues fan.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Spud Webb Refractor /999 (#81)

When I looked on eBay, I was a bit surprised how few Webb refractors were available. He isn’t a fan favorite, and unless you were a fan of classic dunk contests, you probably wouldn’t even know about Webb, so I assumed there would be more cards from this set selling on eBay. But at this moment, there are only two. One that has a bid of $0.99 (my bid) and the other has a Buy It Now price of $3.

Since Webb isn’t a fan favorite, there isn’t much data available on the PSA site. The only sale I was able to find was one orange refractor that sold in December 2020 for less than $4. I highly doubt collectors views will fall in line with my own, but if you love the set and if you get inspiration from Webb like I do, you can easily add this card to your collection for next to nothing.

Clyde Drexler (#85)

The most underappreciated player from the Jordan era, in my mind, is Clyde Drexler. Drexler highlights are a thing of beauty. While he was in his prime in the late 1980s, he was good for 25+ points, 7 boards, 6 assists, and 2-3 steals per game. He also notched 25 triple doubles (20th all time) over his career, was a member of the Dream Team, and helped the Rockets win back to back NBA Championships in the mid 90s.

The Drexler card from this set is a beautiful horizontal card featuring Drexler as a Rocket mid layup and its a great shot of Drexler at the rim.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Clyde Drexler Refractor /999 (#85)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Clyde Drexler Refractor /999 (#85)

There are a handful of Drexler cards available on eBay, with a few refractors for sale and two orange refractors also for sale at the moment. The refractors are for sale at Buy It Now prices between $10-15 (including this one from COMC for $10). The two orange refractors (/199) are listed for Buy It Now prices between $30-$35. I’m watching the card selling for $30 and am hopeful that I can get it for a discount if offered one.

The only PSA data available is for the Drexler black x-fractor, which was a GEM Mint PSA 10 card which sold for only $111 on April 23rd, 2020. I’m very jealous of whoever was able to add that beautiful and rare Drexler card to their collection at that price.

David Robinson (#92)

The Celtics were absolutely awful for most of my most NBA obsessed childhood, from the early 90s to the mid 2000s. As a result, I latched on to the Bulls and the Spurs, and David Robinson was one of my favorite players.

Robinson had a pretty incredible career, especially considering he didn’t grow up around basketball. In fact, this 1-time MVP and 2-time NBA Champion wasn’t introduced to basketball until his senior year in high school.

2007-08 Topps Chrome David Robinson Refractor /999 (#92)
2007-08 Topps Chrome David Robinson Refractor /999 (#92)

The Robinson chrome card is another beautiful horizontal card, and there are a few copies selling on eBay. There are a few regular refractors selling at Buy It Now prices between $15-$50. There are also one orange refractor selling for $50 (90/199). And there are two white refractors, one with a Buy It Now price of $100 (25/99), and the other is an auction that expires on March 15th that has been bid up to $50.

There is only one sale of a David Robinson chrome refractor, and it was a PSA 9 Xfractor (/50) that sold in December, 2020 for only $52. That sounds like a steal to me, and I’ll be keeping my eyes on that one white refractor card mentioned earlier.

Dennis Rodman (#93)

Dennis Rodman seems to have a bit of a cult following among basketball card hobbyists. He was a very controversial player both on and off the court, but there is no doubt that he was a massive asset for the Bulls and is one person known for leaving it all out on the court night in and night out.

The Dennis Rodman chrome card is a nice horizontal card showing Rodman grabbing a rebound, with his red hair matching his red Bulls jersey. This card, to me, may have looked better as a vertical card, but its still a nice shot of Rodman.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Dennis Rodman Refractor /999 (#93)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Dennis Rodman Refractor /999 (#93)

The card prices on eBay for the Rodman refractor reflect his cult following, and are priced in line with cards like Tim Duncan. There are a few Buy It Now cards available, at prices starting at $100 and up to $390. There is also a very nice white refractor (/99) available through COMC with a Buy It Now price of $340.

There are no Dennis Rodman PSA graded cards at this time, but as people flood PSA with submissions and as they continue to grow and scale, I’m sure there will be a few of these cards getting graded in the near future.

Larry Bird (#105)

As a Boston guy born in the mid 1980s, I just want to come out and say Larry Bird is one of my all time favorite NBA players. This Bird chrome card, however, is not one of my favorites from the set. First off, it looks to me like Bird it taking an awkward shot. Secondly, I don’t know why they chose to go with a near full-body shot of Bird instead of getting a closer up shot from the waste up. Although I’m a huge Bird fan, I think there are better cards out there for Larry Legend.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Larry Bird Refractor /999 (#105)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Larry Bird Refractor /999 (#105)

There are numerous Larry Bird refractor cards from this set selling on eBay at the moment. The eBay cards available are all selling as Buy It Now sales, with the lowest priced card listed for $47 and the highest priced card listed at $149.

Just before the Covid lockdown struck, a PSA 10 Bird refractor sold in February 2020 for only $36. Since then, there have not been any PSA 10 sales, but there was a PSA 9 sale in August that went for $50, and the latest PSA 9 sale occurred on February 5, 2021 and sold for $158.

PSA also has one recorded white refractor sale going way back to July 2019. That card, graded a PSA 10, sold for a mere $58.

Magic Johnson (#106)

Its impossible for me to think about the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird, without thinking also of Magic Johnson and the incredible rivalry those two players had, both in college and in the NBA. I have the utmost admiration for Magic, and one of my favorite sports moments was when Magic wore the Bird jersey to Bird’s retirement.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Magic Johnson Refractor /999 (#106)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Magic Johnson Refractor /999 (#106)

The Magic chrome card is a great looking card showing Magic mid-layup. There are only two of these ungraded cards available now on eBay. One is a regular refractor with a Buy It Now asking price of $66, the other is a black xfractor (/50) this has a Buy It Now asking price of $400.

There are only two recorded sales of this card on the PSA site, and both were for PSA 9 regular refractors. In November 2020, a PSA 9 sold for $90. Just one month later, a PSA 9 sold for $300!

Kevin Durant (#131)

Hands down the most sought after and recognizable card from the 2007-2008 Topps Chrome set is the Kevin Durant rookie card. This card continues to appreciate in value and the refractor cards are extremely expensive, despite regular refractor rookies being serial numbered to 1,499 instead of 999 like the non-rookie cards.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant Refractor /1499 (#131)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant Refractor /1499 (#131)

I was only able to find one ungraded Durant rookie refractor selling on eBay with a Buy It Now price tag of $11,500. There were plenty of graded refractors of varying quality, most of which were listed at Buy It Now prices ranging from $16,200 for a BGS 9 and up to $200K for a BGS 10!

With a rookie card this popular, there is a ton of data on the PSA website. If we start and look at the prices of PSA 8s, the most recent sale of a PSA 8 Durant refractor sold on January 27, 2021 for $4,275. The PSA 8s have more than doubled compared to what one sold for in July 2020, when this refractor rookie sold for $1,825.

The PSA 9s look to be selling for roughly 3x-4x what the PSA 8s sell for, with the most recent PSA 9 Durant refractor being sold on February 23, 2021 for $13K. In the month of February 2021, there were a total of 4 PSA 9 sales with an average selling price of $13K (min: $11K, max: $16K). The PSA 9s refractors have roughly tripled from the one sales price in July 2020, when this card was selling for $3,700.

The PSA 10 Durant refractor rookies are selling for the same price of a nice car, with three of the last six sales all topping $50K. The most recent sales price of a PSA 10 sold on March 8th, 2021 for $48K. The Gem Mint PSA 10s are up by roughly 5x compared to what they were selling for in July, 2020. The average price back in July was $9.1K.

In addition to the regular refractor, there is also a bit of data available on the PSA site for the orange, white, and black xfractor rookie cards as well. The most recent sales price for a PSA 10 orange refractor (/199) topped six figures on March 9th, 2021 when it sold for $100,101. There have been been two PSA 10 orange refractors that have cleared $100K to date. Going back to May 2020, the PSA 10 orange refractor was going for $10K, so this card has exploded in value in less than a year.

There is very limited data available for the white refractor and the black xfractor, but on March 7th a PSA 10 white refractor sold for $288K. That was the first PSA 10 white refractor sale since June, 2018 when this card was selling for only $18K!

2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant black Xfractor /50 (#131)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant black Xfractor /50 (#131)

There are no recorded PSA 10 black Durant xfractor transactions recorded on the PSA site, but there are a few recorded PSA 9 sales, including the most recent sale which occurred at Goldin Auctions winter auction on March 7th, 2021 and sold for $93.5K. Prior to that sale, there hadn’t been a sale since May, 2018 when a PSA 9 black xfractor sold for just under $7K.

Greg Oden (#152)

Greg Oden was supposed to be the next Shaq, he was an absolute beast at the Ohio State, playing along side Mike Conley. Oden was the first pick in the 2007 NBA draft, selected by the Portland Trailblazers. He missed his rookie season after getting microfracture surgery on his right knee in September 2007 and he was never quite the same after that. He had a short lived NBA career, notching a total of 840 points, 656 rebounds, and 130 blocks.

2007-08 Topps Chrome Greg Oden refractor /1499 (#152)
2007-08 Topps Chrome Greg Oden refractor /1499 (#152)

The Oden Topps Chrome refractor rookie card is plentiful on eBay and its easy to pick up for just a few dollars. I only included the Oden card in this list because knowing the Oden story is a great reminder for collectors to not get too caught up with hype in the hobby. Some number one picks have worked out incredibly well, but there are more than just a handful of first overall picks that have been major flops.

There are a few graded Oden refractor rookies listed on their site, and no surprises here but even the GEM mint PSA 10 Oden refractor rookie is only selling for $30-$40. The most recent PSA 10 sold in October 2020 and went for $40. I doubt this card will appreciate much at all, but if you have a stack of #1 draft picks, you can easily add to your collection with Oden rookie cards.

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