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Smash That Like Button: The Best Basketball Card YouTube Channels to Follow

If you’re new to collecting basketball cards or if you’ve been away from the hobby for a while, it can be difficult to get back up to speed with current trends and distinguish what’s hot from what’s not. One of the best free tools for basketball card research and for learning about the modern and vintage cards is to look at what people have put up on YouTube.

YouTube is by far the largest source for video content on the internet and there are a bunch of cool accounts I follow to either learn more about basketball cards or get a different perspective and control for any of my many bias, either favoring or opposing certain players or cards. I am a Boston guy after all, so I think I know a thing or two about a thing or two… and far too often I’m wrong.

I’ve listed five YouTube channels below in no particular order that all dedicate a decent percentage of their videos to basketball card collecting, hobby analysis, ripping wax, and more. Without further ado, lets check out these top YouTube basketball card accounts, and if you like what you see I’d encourage you to SMASH those like buttons.

PSA Collector

Ok, I said the accounts listed were in no particular order, and that is mostly true, except for Matt over at PSA Collector. His account is my personal favorite, and for a couple of reasons.

PSA Collector Screen Shots

First, I just like his style and his personality. He covers cards, but he’s also chill and not trying to sell you to death with his views or opinions. He’s also been at it for a while now. The PSA Collector channel was created back in February, 2018 and since that time he’s racked up over 4.4M total views. Not too shabby Matt.

Second, I also tend to agree with most of his card and player analysis. He brings a deeper level of PSA grading knowledge to collecting than I’ll ever have, so its cool to watch his videos and get a better sense of what PSA looks for when they grade cards. He also seems to really focus on time tested and proven players, and less time speculating on modern day rookies or second year players, and I appreciate that approach.

The PSA Collector YouTube channel doesn’t just focus on basketball cards, but a ton of his videos do center around hoops cards. However, in case you are interested in football, baseball, Pokémon, or Magic The Gathering cards, he’s also got those covered.

As of April, 2021 PSA Collector has 55.6K subscribers and 175 videos. The PSA Collector account is great for research, player specific inserts and base cards, live breaks, and for learning about some very cool basketball cards featuring the NBA’s best, especially players from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

Some of the most recent PSA Collector videos include a 101 Card PSA Reveal featuring a ton of Lebron James cards, the Top 7 Jordan cards from the 90s to buy now, and the Top 30 Michael Jordan Basketball Cards from the 90’s (excluding refractors).

Screen Shot from the 101 Card PSA Reveal video by PSA Collector (April 17, 2021) featuring a 2005 Topps Lebron James base card.
Screen Shot from the 101 Card PSA Reveal video by PSA Collector (April 17, 2021)

The PSA Collector videos are all almost unanimously liked, the video quality is high, Matt posts pretty frequently (at least once a week), and he knows his stuff, so I highly recommend you check out the PSA Collector YouTube channel.

Baseball Card Collector Investor Dealer (BCCID)

Like Matt at PSA Collector, Chris over at BCCID covers more than just basketball cards. In fact, as the name implies, his passion is baseball cards, but his love for collecting is far reaching and his videos are great for keeping track for hot sports cards in the market, many of which just happen to be basketball cards.

Baseball Card Collector Investor Dealer (BCCID) screen shots
Baseball Card Collector Investor Dealer (BCCID) screen shots

Chris has been in the general sports card collecting and investing space going all the way back to 1988 so he’s seen over 30 years of ups and downs in the market. And in case you needed some visual proof that he’s been a hobby guy since the 80s, he has an awesome photo on his channel from when he was a kid selling cards lemonade stand style from his front lawn. Oh the 80s!

The BCCID channel was established in March of 2020, but in just over one year Chris has racked up 2.3M views. The BCCID videos are great because Chris gets right to the cards and doesn’t waste any time editorializing.

Chris has a few different themes for his videos, including:

Regular Rollers – which are recent eBay sales that he found to be interesting for one reason or another

High Rollers – which are the highest priced cards to sell in eBay in a particular week (he usually shoots these weekly)

Screen Shot from High Rollers #48 featuring BGS 9 86 Fleer Jordan Rookie (#57)
Screen Shot from High Rollers #48 featuring BGS 9 86 Fleer Jordan Rookie (#57)

Auction Recaps – these videos cover the latest and greatest sports card sales from big name auctions, including marquee sports card auction house Goldin Auctions.

As of April, 2021 the BCCID channel has 25.5K subscribers and 150 videos. The BCCID channel is perfect for keeping track of the sports card market in general, plus Chris has rookie card specific videos, like his recent video highlighting the 20 Most Valuable Basketball Rookies from 2000-2009.

Chris is currently traveling so he’s taking a little time off from his channel. As a result, he likely won’t be posting any new content to close out April, 2021, but he has a lot of great content on his channel already and is a great account to follow. I look forward to seeing some of the new stuff once he wraps up his travels.


First, I just have to say I love this name for a sports card account. I pretty sure there is a decent amount of overlap between sports card enthusiasts and video game enthusiasts, so I tip my cap to the Packman YouTube channel for absolutely nailing it on the name.

Packman YouTube Channel Screen Shots

The Packman account is hosted by Ryan, and his channel has been up and running since June, 2016. Since then, he’s amassed 107K subscribers and has drawn nearly 16M views of his videos! He also posts all the time, so there is always new content to check out on his channel.

The Packman videos feature box break, reviews of basketball and football trading card products, highlighting mail days, and more. Ryan’s videos are really sharp and he goes into a bit of detail about each product before he starts ripping into them. He also has a ton of content, and I mean a ton. As of April, 2021, he has nearly 900 different videos to watch, so if you love seeing people rip packs, you should jump over to his page and check out what he’s posted. Some of it is absolutely insane.

One of his more recent videos featuring Ryan opening up three 2020-21 Panini Prizm Basketball Retail Blaster Boxes along with his thought on the product and player commentary as well.

Screen shot from the 2020-21 Panini Prizm Box Break and Bradley Beal Auto Hit
Screen shot from the 2020-21 Panini Prizm Box Break and Bradley Beal Auto Hit

Overall, I also get good vibes coming from Ryan. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s entertaining to watch rip packs. I’d also recommend watching him rip before you consider buying a box, so that you can get a better sense of what to expect.

Ten-03 Card Hustle

This one is new for me, and I’ve only watched a handful of videos, but so far I can say I like what I’m seeing. The Ten-03 Card Hustle YouTube channel is hosted by Bishop, and I wanted to show this YouTube newcomer some love.

Ten 03 Card Hustle YouTube Channel Screen Shots

Bishop launched his YouTube channel back in June, 2020 but in that short period of time he’s already amassed 1.3K subscribers and has nearly 62K views. According to his About page on YouTube, his goal is to “share my journey of how, what, and why I’m invested in the sports card market, while also having fun at the same time.” Right on Bishop!

While the Ten-03 Card Hustle channel is one of the new kids on the block, I’ve been picking up what Bishop puts down. Also, I like that he mainly focuses on basketball cards, so he knows what he’s talking about with players and their cards.

I also give Bishop a ton of credit for not only talking about his smart purchases and big winners, but also he talks about his card fails (like his $2K sports card loss video), and I simply don’t think you see or hear that enough from collectors. Last thing I’ll say I like about this channel is that Bishop doesn’t just pile onto hot players, but hedges his bets and features videos like why he’s skeptical of buying Trae Young cards.

Screen shot from PSA Reveal video - "Gemmed it!" Tyler Herro Red Wave 2019 Panini Select
Screen shot from PSA Reveal video – “Gemmed it!” Tyler Herro Red Wave Select

I’m expecting big things from Bishop as he continues to grow his presence by posting great videos and getting more content on his channel. I also know I’m not alone when I say I love checking out his videos because they receive a lot of upvotes and nearly all the commentary is positive (well done internet). He is absolutely worth checking out, and I wish him luck in the hobby and success with Ten-03 Card Hustle.

Powers Sports Memorabilia

The final very solid YouTube channel worth following is the Powers Sports Memorabilia channel, hosted by Matt Powers. The Powers Sports Memorabilia channel has been up and running on YouTube since March, 2010, and in that time Matt has a subscriber base of nearly 5K, has racked up 776K total views, and is closing in on nearly 500 total videos.

Powers Sports Memorabilia YouTube Channel Screen Shots  (featuring a Bill Russell photo and auto)
Powers Sports Memorabilia YouTube Channel Screen Shots

The videos on PSM range from sports cards, autographed memorabilia, and a range of other topics, like what it takes to own and operate your own small business.

Matt has put together some nice basketball card videos, including a few about Jordan cards, a recent video about the insane prices for 2020-2021 Panini Prizm Basketball Cards, and a video about the $1,850 sales price for a PSA 10 Panini Prizm LaMelo Ball rookie card. So yeah, there is a lot of solid stuff on the PSM channel.

What I like about Matt’s videos is he does encourage his viewers to do their research and figure out what cards make the most sense for them. I couldn’t agree more, doing research is absolutely key and its important for all collectors to avoid those FOMO purchases and stick to what they know and like.

One place where Matt and I differ is he likes to target and talk about the hottest new rookies, where as I tend to gravitate toward tried and true players. I’ve was burned plenty of times as a kid with hype around big rookie names that never panned out (Antoine Walker, Kwayme Brown, Darius Miles, etc.). That’s all good and to each their own, but its just not my thing.

Screen shot from the LaMelo Ball video on April 15, 2021

The PSM channel also posts new content quite often (roughly every week) so I’d recommend checking that channel out as well.

So that does it for my YouTube Fab Five, the card accounts that I’ve been following and keeping an eye on to keep up with the hobby. Its awesome to see and hear all the different perspectives and I think the list above has a little something for everyone. If I missed a great accounts, or if you have a favorite video worth mentioning form any of the accounts mentioned above, please let me know in the comments section.

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