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1998 Fleer Electrifying: Cards 1-5

Back in 1998, Fleer Tradition came up with a beautiful looking gold parallel set, simply called Electrifying. The card features a marquee player set against a gold refractor-like background with bolts of electricity emanating from the basketball. These cards are stunning and seem to resonate with other collectors as well, as the price history on […]

1996-97 SP Premium Collection Holoview

If you need proof that more isn’t always better, just look at the 1996-97 SP Premium Collection Holoview cards. It’s a shame, because this was a great year for basketball card collecting, and it saddens me to see an insert ruined by trying to do too much. Before I start complaining about all the bad, […]

In Remembrance

The first basketball card I ever got excited about was a fairly common card from the 1993-94 Upper Deck set. It was a parallel in the set called Skylights and my card featured Patrick Ewing in the foreground with a shot of the New York City skyline circa 1993 in the background. I’ve always found […]

Old School & Underappreciated: Baylor and Bellamy

When I see a basketball card or basketball stat I like on Twitter, I try to show my appreciation for whoever posted it. On Tuesday, I got into a little discussion with two collectors (looking at you CJ_tradingcards and Curly Cards) about some old school players that are consistently overlooked by the younger collectors, but […]

Bucking the Trend

Before the matchup between the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo rookie cards were absolutely on fire. In fact, when I last wrote about Giannis back on August 13th (click here for a link to that post) the PSA 10 Prizm rookie cards were up roughly 5,000% in the past two years. It […]

’96 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractors

Who doesn’t love a nice refractor? Before Panini took over as the be all end all for basketball cards, Bowman had a great thing going with basketball card collectors and included regular refractors as well as atomic refractors in various sets throughout the 90s. If you don’t know what an atomic refractor is, it can […]

My Best Break

If you follow any card people on Twitter or any of the other social media platforms out there, you may have seen people talking about incredible cards they just found going through their old stuff. I’m not a total cynic, and I’m sure at least a few honest collectors do once in a while stumble […]

Walker vs. Walker: The Not So Great Debate About #8

Kebma Walker recently helped the Celtics sweep the Philadelphia 76ers in Round 1 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Walker and Tatum combined for 58 points in the fourth and final game, more than half of the teams total of 110 points. This is Kemba Walker’s first trip to the second round of the NBA playoffs […]

Flair Hot Shots

I put up a poll on Twitter the other day asking about collectors feelings toward die cut cards. Personally, I’m not a big fan. However, 100% of the people that responded said they “Love ’em”, which I found a bit surprising. Oh and a big thank you to the two people who responded to my […]

Soul Of The Game

As the 90s were coming to a close, the fine folks over at SkyBox must have been jamming out to some of the legendary music from the 60s Summer of Love. Why do I say this? Well, it is pretty clear they decided to go for a groovy theme with their 1998-99 cards. Two parallels, […]


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